Kona the Monkey Swaddle Blanket

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"Bananas are my favorite treat. I always peel them before I eat! I love to swing and sit in trees. Would you like to play with me?"~Kona 

Your young one just wants to be comforted, so let the plush friends from Babymio cuddle them until they're warm and cozy. The hood keeps your infant's heads warm, so they'll sleep peacefully with their animal friends protecting them with their plush lining. Keep the swaddle blanket around your stroller, car seat, crib, or in your bag as a handy cover-up during breast feeding. 

  • 1 Kona the Monkey Swaddle Blanket
  • 100% cotton
  • Hooded
  • For children 1-6 months
  • 34.5" square