About Us

We'll Be Your Best Friend

We want to be more than a store for baby accessories, we want to make companions that your child will fondly remember for life.

The Babymio Collection is a family-owned and operated business that debuted in 2010. With our line of adorable, snuggable animal print accessories for newborns and toddlers, we want to brighten the young life of your newborns and toddlers. Each of our characters - Millie, Jax, Mooky, Mellven, ChiChi, and Kona - can't wait to become best friends with your young ones.

Babymio's patented "minky" fabric resembles the luxurious feel of mink and has a short pile as soft as cashmere. The incredibly soft touch of our "minky" fabric will soothe your child and help them feel safe as they cuddle.

All of our products are tested to ensure safety and durability. We want each of our products to last a lifetime of hugs. They're also great gifts for baby showers and christenings. Whether your infant or toddler is snuggling, sleeping, eating, crawling, or walking with our plush companions, they'll supply smiles for generations.